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The Chair Misteri d'Elx is an entity of the University Miguel Hernández to boost scientific studies on the sacred and lyrical drama of the Misteri play, secular holiday of Elche. Its main aim is to increase and extend the knowledge of this important cultural event, officially recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Humanity by the UNESCO in May 2001 and included in the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2008.

In order to accomplish its purpose, the Chair has marked as priority the following objectives:

1-    Bringing the Miguel Hernández University closer to the society.

2-    Encouraging studies and research related to the Festa or Misteri d'Elx.

3-    Collaborating with the Board of Trustees of the Misteri d'Elx on the issues in which that Board considers and requests.

4-    Boosting knowledge, dissemination and preservation of the intangible cultural heritage, the category where the Misteri is included.

5-    Disseminating the Festa or Misteri d'Elx among the University community.

The creation of the Chair Misteri d'Elx, as well as other special chairs of the Miguel Hernández University, responds to a vocation "to promote the creation, development, transmission and criticism of science, technique and culture, in close cooperation with the rest of the scientific and cultural community, as well as the activities towards the society and this projection toward the University community". In short, its spirit is the help from academia to complement the important work carried out from Elche society itself and its institutions, especially the Board of Trustees of the Misteri.


V Call for research grants - June 15th, 2012

The Chair Misteri d'Elx launches its annual call for research grants.

'The media and the Misteri d'Elx'. Summer 2012. Venues: Casa de la Festa and Ermita de San Sebastián. August the 1st, 2012 (06 01, 2012)

The Chair Misteri d'Elx, in order to spread the Festa among members of the University community, held annually, in the days leading up to the performances, a summer course on different aspects that may be the subject of study in the Mystery.  On this occasion it was considered timely to devote it to the effect that the Mystery and his performances have got in the media, not only in local but also in national. This impact has become an essential way for promoting and disseminating this sacred and lyrical drama.  We will count with prestigious speakers in journalism, strongly linked to what is called the Misteri's family.

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